STATUS focuses on serving our customers with world class service as we strive to change as many lives as we possibly can.

STATUS Athletic Club is one of the most luxurious personal training companies in the nation offering the amenities you would expect with the luxury you would want, all while making their client’s fitness goals the top priority. Whether you are new to fitness or a seasoned athlete, certified trainers are dedicated to assist each client in effectively reaching their goals. STATUS trainers will help every client launch a smart exercise program by listening to their needs, and developing customized workouts that both challenge them and build confidence to achieve their goals.

STATUS provides their clients with the latest in cardiovascular and weight training, as well as high intensity fitness training with a unique personal touch that cannot be found anywhere else. There are male and female trainers that specialize in a variety of workout techniques, and STATUS trainers travel to each client with training equipment so that working out is convenient for anyone with a busy schedule. On the days the trainers do not see their clients, workouts are sent via email to do on their own to ensure they are staying active and working toward their goals.