The 60 Day Challenge


Commit to a lifestyle change for 60 days and elevate your mood, self-esteem, and appearance! STATUS is here to work you out and motivate you through the process. We will be offering a variety of fitness classes in Piedmont Park 3 days a week from March-May, and we’ve got a little extra motivation for ya...TWO challenge participants will be walking away $500 richer! This is a Challenge that accommodates EVERYONE, and anyone has a fair shot at being a winner. To get in shape and earn some cash and prizes, register to work it out with STATUS Athletic Club today! #projectgetinshape

Peidmont Park

Fitness Group
How to Play

We’ve evened the playing field--It’s all about the points. Throughout the 60 day program there will be different ways to earn points during the #projectgetinshape 60 Day Challenge classes. A running tally of points will be kept for all Challenge participants, and at the end of the 60 days not only will there be a big group of mighty fine looking individuals, but 7 lucky participants will be walking away with cash and prizes! The guy that earns the most points overall will be the grand prize winner and take home $500 cash; same goes for the girl with the most points overall—she’ll be going home with $500 cash as well! The five other winners will come from our Category Champions. The Challenger with the most points in a given category will be the winner of that category and will receive a STATUS bag filled with goodies. Let the games begin!

The Points

The Rules
  1. Must register for The Challenge by March 16 to be eligible to win the grand prize.
  2. Must sign-in to receive points for attending class that day.
  3. Points will be tallied at the end of each class and a running total will be kept on file with STATUS Athletic Club. Each Challenger must initial new point total at the end of each class; if there are no initials then points will not count for that day.
  4. STATUS trainers have complete discretion when determining the first one to finish a workout.
  5. “Most Improved of the Week” will be the Challenger who earned the most points for that week.
  6. In the event of a tie…
    • For a Category Prize: The Challenger with the most points tallied overall will be deemed the winner of the category.
    • For a Grand Prize: The Challenger with the highest class-attendance will be deemed the winner.
  7. At least 15 people must be registered for The 60 Day Challenge by March 16 for $500 cash prizes to be awarded. Should class registration not meet minimum requirement, cash prize will be adjusted accordingly.

The Prizes

The Details

When: March 2nd - May 2nd Every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday
Where: Piedmont Park
Location: The big field near Park Tavern (look for the STATUS Flags)
Time: 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm
In the event of rain, classess will be cancelled and an email will be sent at least one hour prior to start time notifying challengers of the cancellation.

Parking: Sage Parking Deck - 1320 Monroe Drive NE, Atlanta, GA 30306
Daily Parking Rates :
    Drop-off: (0-15 mins) Free
    16-30 minutes: $0.75
    Each additional 30 minutes: $1.00

Street Parking is also available.

What to Expect

A fun filled challenge designed to blast calories, elevate heart rates, and promote optimal living through exercise! This is a competition-based bootcamp that will push you to compete with yourself rather than competing with your training partners. From stairs to chairs and curves to rails, nothing is off limits. The park is our playground and through fitness we will elevate our STATUS together!